Frequently Asked Questions


What are the benefits of your coaching service?

Some of the Benefits Are:

Greater Confidence – you will understand the marketplace better, where you can add value, and how to sell yourself more effectively.

Improved Research Skills – you will learn to identify the most helpful research in your niche (white papers, industry analysis, competitive reports); to prepare fully for interviews (informational and job).

Greater interview Skills – With Interview Training you will learn how to answer questions precisely and accurately. You will learn what to include and what to leave out of the interview process.

Career Strategy for the Long-Term – you will learn career search techniques to use throughout you career. These include Target Marketing, Skill Assessment, Value proposition and others.  Note: The latest study from BLS says that entry level job entrants will change jobs 11 – 13 times in their Career! If you are 40 or older, you can expect to change jobs at least 4 times!


Why are Writing services priced by the job, while other services are priced by the hour?

Writing services (resumes and letters) are one shot products with specific guidelines.  Coaches and resume writers price them per item because they are stand-alone services. With stand-alone services, the consulting time is built in.

Career Strategy and Interviewing services are priced per hour because they frequently require related services to be provided.  For example, if you require a skills assessment, you need to know how to implement a plan of action based on this skill inventory. To do that, you may need a job analysis component, a research component, or all of the above.


What is a Service Package?

A service package consists of several related services that are bundled at a reduced price, usually 15 – 20% below the hourly or per item price.

  • Each Package can be revised based on client needs.
  • Basic Price per Package:  $400.00 (- new client discount) = $340.00
  • Package pricing includes one or more written pieces or one or more strategic tools.

Please email us for a description of career coaching packages.


I’ve never heard of Job Analysis before, what does it mean?

Job Analysis refers to identifying keywords and phrases in a job description that reveal top requirements, reporting structure, and key skills desired by the employer. In my practice, it also refers to the use of the Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Database


Aren’t Thank You letters a formality? Why is a Post-Interview letter important?

‘Thank You letters’ are the outdated name for what we now call Post-Interview letters. The purpose of the Post-Interview letter is to sell yourself to the employer again – not to thank them.  Strategic use of this marketing tool could mean the difference between a call back and being forgotten.

You offer a lot of services. Which ones are more important and should be completed first?

You offer a lot of services. Which ones are more important and should be completed first?

The services we offer are appropriate at different times of a career search.  If you are starting fresh, you will need Resumes and Letters to be written.. If you have been searching and interviewing with limited success, you are ready for a deeper dive into your skill sets, research techniques, networking and interviewing practice and preparation.

Here is a rough guide:

New Entrant into the workforce  -   resumes and letters from scratch - career search techniques, interviewing

Mid-Career professional - resume or cover letter re-write, target marketing, Skill assessment, interviewing emphasis

Executive - Detailed CV work-up  - emphasis on story development, case interviewing, presentations,

Coaching Expertise


Why do I need to work with a resume writer who knows my industry; can’t any resume writer or coach do the same thing?

You can always hire a jack of all trades to do a job. Career coaches and resume writers who tell you they can help everyone can only satisfy entry level clients without experience. If you have 5 or more years of experience in your industry and an advanced degree, you should want to work with a coach who speaks your language.  At Datalytics Career Path, we speak your language.


Do I need to hire a certified resume writer?

Certifications are always nice to have, but mean little in practice.  If the career coach has little or no understanding of your business, they can only add limited value to the service they provide.  


After I get a free consultation, what’s the next step?

The next step is to complete the contact form on my web site. Remember to select the services you would like to discuss with us.


Describe how assessment works

We can work in person, by email or Skype.  Preliminary consultation by telephone.

Coaching is a participatory process. I will need you to provide as much information as possible to help me provide the correct assessment and advice for future action.