Take the Next Strategic Step in Your Data Career.

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My objective is to help data analysts evolve in their careers. 

My background is a unique combination of business process documentation in support of software products, and career management services in technical education and telecommunications outsourcing.


How I Can Help

Recruiters are hired by companies to find the ‘best fit’ candidates. They are not in business to help you.

I work for you, and I offer much more than placement. I will educate you on the market because I am company independent. I will motivate you to do your best with interview, research, and job search strategies that focus on your needs for the long-term, not just the next job.  Since I do not represent companies, my job is to increase awareness of all of the job market opportunities and help you develop a targeted value proposition for various industries or companies

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Why I’m Different

Many career coaches have expertise in recruiting and selection but have a weak understanding of the technology marketplace. Some technologists, have a superior understanding of the tech space but were never trained or lack experience in career coaching, skills assessment, and job analysis. I have both. 

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Big Picture Perspective

These three components will provide you with a complete picture of the job search process. The missing piece is you – your specific knowledge, skills, and abilities in the data science niche.


Expertise in ONETonline.org  the BLS occupational database.  With this tool I can teach you how to evaluate the multiple labor and tiered job market by analyzing detailed job descriptions and learning how to broaden your job search based on adjacent job titles and skills sets.  


Competitive Intelligence / research techniques. Utilizing my familiarity with Gartner Group analysis, and magic quadrants, I will teach you how to do meaningful research within your data niche that will help you develop a sophisticated understanding of the multi-tiered data science job market you want to join. 


Target Marketing for a strategic career search.  Once you understand what the market is about and where you fit within the market, you are ready to define your target market and prepare the right documentation and collateral for your marketplace. 



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